Cycas fertilization

Cycas fertilization

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Question: Cycas fertilization

Gent mi,
I'm a new regularly registered user. I would like to know as soon as possible, if you can tell me, how much manganese you can put in a cicas of the age of about 10 years planted in a pot but always ingilallito. Among other things it is a breeding cicas and makes the flower almost every year. Thanks for the information. Luciana Palma

Answer: Cycad fertilization

Dear Mrs. Luciana,
Thank you for contacting us about your Cycas fertilization queries via the "" Expert's section.
The Cycas belongs to the Cycadean family and they are plants considered as living fossils due to their belonging to one of the primordial genera of plants that appeared on earth, since the era of carboniferosono. They originate from Middle East Asia and Madagascar.
The plant is similar to the palms characterized by having an erect stem surmounted by an expanded crown of semi-erect leaves arranged in a sunburst pattern.
In our climatic conditions (temperate-warm) it can be grown in soil, in mild climates in pots, in this case it will be kept outdoors (eg balconies) in the warm months and then placed in bright and protected environments in winter.
It requires medium moist soil and low environmental humidity; in the sunniest summer months it must be shaded.
Cycas is subject to leaf yellowing, caused by various factors attributable to environmental and pathological aspects.
Some cases are due to parasitosis, while others are to be attributed to the wrong room temperature and to the relative brightness while, very frequent, they are caused by incorrect fertilization and manganese deficiency.
Yours sincerely.