Natural insecticides

Natural insecticides

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Question: Natural methods

I would kindly like to know if anyone is able to tell me how to treat plants attacked by aphids and cochineal without necessarily having to use fungicides, since having a two-year-old child I would prefer not to use toxic substances.

Natural insecticides: Answer: Natural methods

Dear Francesca,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions on the balcony plans, via the Expert's column.
· Mealybugs are a large group of insects that strike every part of the plant by sucking the sap to cause their total decay.
In the adult form they are not very mobile and are characterized by a protective "shield".
On fat plants, however, there are various genera without a shield and in their larval forms they appear similar to its description.
· Aphids are insects like the previous ones that can settle on all the green parts of the plants and in the specific case also on the flowers, producing abundant sugary drippings (honeydew).
Their size at the stage of adults is about 2 mm in length and can be of various colors from blackish green to bluish even within the same species.
They live by sucking the sap of the plants, and until they are completely wasted.
Both species considered must be added that they are polyphagous and ubiquitous, that is they can feed on various types of plants.
To take care of your balcony plants without using insecticides, you could use plant extracts (eg tobacco) or clean the leaves with a wad soaked in denatured alcohol, after having completed this operation, remove any insects with tweezers residues, this is however a very laborious operation and also depends on the size of the attack of the parasites.
With best regards