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Lemon graft

Lemon graft

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Question: Graft of the lemon

Although living in a non-natural area for lemons (Le Marche), for some years I have managed to grow 3 splendid specimens grown in pots and a younger plant on the ground. Because the plant on the ground has 2 wild branches I would like advice on the period and the best technique for grafting.
Thanks and best regards.
Franco Capomagi - Osimo (An)

Lemon grafting: Answer: Lemon graft

Dear Franco,
the best technique for grafting a lemon is that of the dormant bud.
It fits at a height of 50-100 cm. The best time is spring. The important thing is that the plant is "in juice", ie that the bark comes off easily from the trunk. You will find extensive information on this in the "Techniques" section.