Camellia grafting

Camellia grafting

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Question: Camellia implant

When can a camellia be grafted?

Camellia grafting: Answer: Camellia implant

Dear Gaetano,
as you may know, the camellia graft is often used to replace one variety to another especially in adult specimens.
The best technique for grafting camellias is the grafted graft. It is called marza a piece of branch with different gems (which is usually tagialto but can also be the branch of a potted plant). Among the various types of grafted grafts one of the most used for camellias is the graft by approximation. This technique consists in creating a longitudinal cut by removing a part of the trunk bark in each of the two plants (the rootstock and the graft). The wounds will be made to fit together and must be tied tightly with raffia. After about two months the rootstock is cut (above the graft) and the graft (under the graft).
The best time to perform this grafting is March-April.
Split or crown clutches can also be used.
N.B. Since it is preferable that the scions remain at rest until the moment of grafting, it is good to take them during the winter and keep them in a cool place.
For more information on grafting techniques follow our grafting section in the "techniques" section.
Good job. See you soon.