Centocchio - Stellaria media

Centocchio - Stellaria media

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Name: Stellaria media Vill.
Harvest: All year except during the winter months.
Properties: Demineralizer, tonic, anti-haemorrhagic, astringent.
Family: Cariofillacee.
Common names: Gallinella, peverascia, erba de puddas, paperina grass, beccagallina, marviglina, centose.

Centocchio - Stellaria media: Property

Habitat: Up to two thousand meters as long as there is plenty of water.
Parts used: Stems and flowers.
Storage: Both drying and storage must be carried out in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Use: Infusions and dyes of flowers for internal use, decoctions and applications of the aerial parts against the cracking of the skin.
Notes: In some areas the leaves, when still tender, are used in the preparation of soups, salads and omelettes.