Eggplant - Solanum melogena

Eggplant - Solanum melogena

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Name: Solanum melongena L.
Harvest: In summer and in the early autumn months.
Properties: Nourishing, hypotensive, diuretic.
Family: Solanaceae.
Common names: Petonciano, Malignana, love apple, Marisana.

Eggplant - Solanum melogena: Properties

Habitat: It does not grow spontaneously.
Parts used: The fruits.
Storage: They are consumed only fresh.
Use: Exterior: application of the pulp for the treatment of abscesses, swellings and hemorrhoids. Peelers for indoor use.
Notes: By pressing the eggplant pulp with a fork and applying it for about twenty minutes on the face (excluding the area around the eyes), you get a good beauty mask.