Convolvolus - Convolvolus cneorum

Convolvolus - Convolvolus cneorum

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When talking about Convolvulus all gardeners tremble, one of the most resistant weeds. The bindweed is not only just an infestation, it is a splendid flower that gives abundant blooms, there are numerous varieties and its meaning fully represents the plant.
The term Convolvulus, also called Villucchio, derives from the Latin Convolvulus, which means to wrap, and means the tendency of the plant to twist. It is an extremely tenacious plant that is difficult to eradicate and for this reason it is the emblem of stubbornness and conviction.

Convolvolus: Bindweed Care

The Convolvolus is a perennial herbaceous flower, in winter the plant disappears completely to return the following year stronger and more vigorous than ever. Usually sold as a sagging plant to beautify balconies and gardens, it can also be used as a climber, always remembering that it lasts only one season and the following year the plant will start from scratch. It is recommended not to climb the bindweed on other plants because they could prevent the development of the plant on which it climbs.
The flowering of the Convolvulus takes place in the hottest months from May to September, the flowers when they wither wind around themselves.