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Sunflower: General information

It is a flower that has ancient origins: in North America I am
remains of this flower have been found that date back to three thousand years before Christ. The American Indians considered it a sacred plant as it allowed man to make multiple uses. In Perщ it is the emblem of the Sun God. It is from Peru that the sunflower was first imported into Europe. The sunflower was appreciated by King Louis XIV, the Sun King and during the Victorian age, in Great Britain, it was designed on
fabrics, engraved in wood, forged in metals; Oscar Wilde wanted the sunflower as a symbol of movement
aesthetic that he himself had founded. In Italy, poets like Eugenio Montale and Gabriele D'Annunzio praised the sunflower in their verses. In the works of Van Gogh the presence of the flower is recurrent.
The meaning of sunflower flowers, in the language of flowers, is one of joy and pride.