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Myrtle is a typical Mediterranean aromatic plant; develops a small dense and compact shrub, which generally does not exceed 70-90 cm in height, often remaining much smaller in size. It is grown in a very sunny place, in a fresh and very well drained soil. The myrtle does not fear the sun, the summer heat, the drought; instead it fears the excesses of water and the very intense and prolonged frost. If planted in a place with very cold winters it is advisable to cover it in the winter with non-woven fabric, and in spring it is advisable to remove the branches ruined by the frost. Over the years the cultivated specimens tend to become disordered, and they strip off branches and leaves in the lower part of the stem; for this reason it is advisable to prune the shrub at least every two years, after flowering. Watering is necessary only for specimens that have recently settled, in the following years the plant is satisfied with the rains.