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Playing outdoors

Playing outdoors

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When we talk about outdoor games, we refer to games that allow the child to socialize and there is no need to have any concrete objects to be able to make them fit together. The games that we are going to list below have also been played by our parents and handed down from generation to generation precisely because they prove to be very simple and able to involve the child. Defining them as 'outdoor games', they cannot be made at home because there is a need for a space in which the child can run freely. Those who do not have a sufficiently large garden free from elements that could be dangerous, can also play these games in the park. The rules are always quite simple, although obviously every game refers to a certain age group. To better understand what we are referring to, let's start from hide-and-seek, a game known and loved by all children. It entertains them in an interesting way and there is no need for any kind of help to play. It is important, before starting any game, to ask all children if they are aware of the rules, otherwise they may feel disoriented and therefore not actively participate. The rules of the game can be explained both by an adult person and by a child who already knows the game well. The presence of an adult, even if it is not indispensable, is advisable because it could always happen that children can argue with each other or that some of them can get hurt. Returning to hide and seek, it is a game that can be played with at least three or four children, but if there are more, the game becomes even more interesting. It is an initiative that can also be used during birthday parties when children tend to get bored after a short time. By involving them in a series of interesting games, they will certainly be busy and can also make new acquaintances. For this reason, at the beginning of the paragraph we were referring to an activity suitable for socialization, because these games allow us to put together even children who had never known each other before, and to aggregate with some ease because they have to team up for to be able to win the game. The list of games is certainly very long: guards and thieves, blind fly, a two three star, captive ball, tug of war: each of these games obviously cannot be suitable for any age group. Let's think, for example, of tug-of-war, which is suitable for children and cannot be practiced by children. The game must have the purpose not only of socialization, but also of setting a goal to be achieved together when a team is formed. Then reversing the teams favors the aggregation between all the children, because in this way there are no conflicts.


The purpose of the game that takes place outdoors is to offer children the possibility to play freely in an open space, in direct contact with nature. Furthermore, they are very simple games that immediately attract attention and allow the child to be pleasantly entertained. These are games that can be done in the company of friends during the afternoon, to have fun in a pleasant way and above all they are a way to meet other children. The game can also be explained directly by a parent who must verify that all children are interested so that they can participate actively and have fun with the group.

Playing outdoors: History of games

In the various localities there are different indications to participate in the various games. These are rules that are handed down over the years, sometimes a particular type of game is born in a region with completely different rules than in another region. It is also interesting to compare the differences that exist between one game and another, and in this way often other rules are also created. Precisely with reference to this, some games may have the same unfolding technique but carry different names. It is especially interesting to underline that these are games that date back a long time and despite everything, still today, they are able to involve children, because they give the child the possibility of being in contact with nature and having fun with friends.