How to plant cucumbers with seeds

How to plant cucumbers with seeds

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Cucumbers are planted with seeds and seedlings... With seeds, you need to try a little, namely, prepare for sowing.

How to plant cucumbers seeds to sprout. Warm up and wet before planting.

Warming up, like hardening for a person, strengthens the immune system against diseases. A couple of months before planting, wrap the seeds in a gauze bag and hang them in a warm place where the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. After warming up, soak overnight before planting, recommended for 12 hours.

The seeds were prepared, the question remained how to plant cucumbers in the ground. For this need to make a bed or comb... It is necessary to dig a bed 30 cm deep and wide. Put humus 15 cm high on its bottom. Put a mixture of earth with manure on top, you get a comb with good drainage. The seeds are planted to a depth of 2 cm, the distance between them is 10-15 cm, and between the lines - 50 cm. Two seeds are placed in each hole. When they sprout, the seedlings are thinned out, leaving one seedling at a time.

Open field cucumbers are called "garden cucumbers". They have a sharp and tough peel, they are 10-15 cm long.

Cucumbers, up to 7 cm long, are called gherkins. They will be used for marinades.

Cucumbers grown in greenhouses have a smooth skin and are up to 30 cm long.

Cucumbers are thermophilic crops. Choose a sunny planting spot.

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