Planting tomatoes for seedlings

Planting tomatoes for seedlings

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Tomatoes are grown by almost everyone who has such an opportunity. The first step in growing this wonderful vegetable is planting tomatoes for seedlings... Before sowing seedlings, it is useful to hold it for 15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection and treat with Epin to accelerate germination.

Usually, planting tomatoes for seedlings is carried out in mini greenhouses, which are now sold in stores, or in special boxes, which are then covered with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect. Soil for sowing is now also rarely prepared independently, it is easier to buy special soil for seedlings in the store. But if this is not possible, then mix the garden soil with humus and add sawdust. Make holes in the wet soil about 1.5 cm deep, a couple of centimeters apart. Place a seed in each hole and cover it with earth.

The seedlings will sprout unevenly, but in a week all the seeds will already sprout. Now you can remove the polyethylene, open the greenhouse and install artificial lighting so that the seedlings do not stretch out. For the same purpose, the temperature is maintained at 14-16 degrees. A month later after plant germination should dive. The plant is carefully removed from the ground, about a third of its root is cut off and seated in separate containers. The root is shortened to develop a fibrous root system. When picking, the plant is usually closed up to the very cotyledons in order to compensate for the elongation of the seedlings and to allow the formation of new roots.

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