Correct planting and caring for blackberries

Correct planting and caring for blackberries

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If you are interested planting and caring for blackberries, then you also need to know about the development cycle of these shoots. Note that in the first year, their buds are laid, and only in the second - they first bear fruit, and then die off.

Generally, growing blackberries will not give you a lot of trouble. You can enjoy the taste of the first berries already at the end of June, which means that the inflorescences will not be damaged by spring frosts.

Blackberries and their cultivation

Before, how to grow strawberries, you need to pay attention to the soil. After all, this berry does not like carbonate soil, since it is often affected by chlorosis. Blackberries do not tolerate waterlogging.

Since almost all varieties of blackberries are not frost-resistant enough, choose those places that are protected from the cold wind and warm enough by the sun.

Planting blackberries carried out in the spring. Before that, it is necessary to add manure, superphosphate and potash fertilizers to the ground. Be sure to cover the roots with natural soil to avoid scalding.

Blackberry care it will be much easier if you choose the split placement method. So, it is necessary to direct the fruiting shoots in one direction, and new ones in the opposite direction.
Young shoots of blackberries must be tied up as they grow. Moreover, the old stems need to be cut off and removed from your site.

Knowing useful properties of blackberries, You will be convinced that it needs to be grown in the country. Its berries are rich in vitamins and minerals. At the same time, she has a low calorie content. Regular consumption of blackberries helps to improve the functioning of the immune system.

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