Growing garden bindweed

Growing garden bindweed

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The word bindweed, as a rule, among gardeners is associated with a famous weed that is especially fond of planting potatoes. Not everyone knows that there are as many as two representatives of this genus, which are cultivated as ornamental plants... It is elegant curly and therefore suitable for vertical gardening Moorish bindweed and tricolor bindweed; beautiful flowers in the form of a funnel are located in the axils of their leaves. Flowering lasts from June to September, and flowers open only during the day in good weather... On cloudy days, the flower is closed and its funnel is strongly twisted. Bindweed cultivation does not present any particular difficulties.

To plant a plant, you need to pick up sunny place with loose soil. Seeds are usually sown in April or May in a permanent place. You can plant bindweed and seedlings; for this, seeds are sown in boxes in March. Before sowing, it is better to soak the seeds for a day, and when sowing, close them up in shallow grooves and cover with a covering material, through which to water with a watering can. Seedlings will appear in about a week, and the shelter can be removed when the threat of night frosts passes. Seedlings are thinned out, leaving 20-25 centimeters between plants, the distance between rows should be about 50 cm.

Watering as the earth dries up, but do not overdo it, otherwise there will be a lot of greenery, but few flowers. The cultivation of bindweed involves both top dressing. When planting, peat is introduced into the soil, at the stage of budding - wood ash, then a couple of times a month when watering, you need to add complex fertilizers to the water. The plant can get sick with powdery mildew, then white spots appear on the leaves. In this case, the plant is treated with fungicidal preparations.

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