Proper cultivation and care of garlic

Proper cultivation and care of garlic

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Garlic gives almost any dish a unique flavor. The aroma of garlic is given by essential oils.

Proper cultivation and care of garlic will result in a good harvest. What does it mean? This means that for the year ahead, you will make good stocks of this culture.

Garlic growing and care

I would like to immediately stipulate which is preferable for this soil cultureand. On the head, they are located on the edge.

Chives are planted at a distance of 4 - 6 cm from each other. A close planting worsens the yield. Sprinkle the top of the bed with peat or humus.

Set teeth in the ground, now feed them slurry (1 part slurry and 6 parts water) for good growth. When the feathers grow (this is the first half of summer), fertilize it with a solution of urea and potassium chloride (10 grams per 10 liters of water). Don't overdo it with watering. Enough 2 - 3 times during active leaf growth. With an excess of moisture, a large bulb with short storage properties is formed.

It is necessary to prepare the cloves just before planting., namely, to separate them from each other. The planting depth is 6 - 8 cm, the distance between the rows is 20 cm.

Prepare the chives before planting. Warm them up to 40 degrees Celsius. Against nematodes, place them in a solution of table salt for 1 - 2 days (3 tablespoons of salt per 10 liters of water).

Garlic is planted in spring or fall depending on the variety. There are winter and spring varieties. Winter varieties are widespread mostly in the south, while spring varieties are found everywhere.

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