How to care for a fat woman

How to care for a fat woman

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Now, if money grew on trees - many of us wondered in childhood. AND the money tree grows on its windowsill and does not blow in the mustache (sorry for the excessive figurativeness of thought). This is what they once called fat woman - a humble plant of the genus succulents. Today it has become so popular that it is difficult not to find at least one pot in every second Russian house, and in other countries too.

There are even rituals associated with "luring" money and a fat woman. Ribbons are tied on its branches, coins are planted in a pot, perform other manipulations designed to replenish the owner's budget. Maybe, if you strongly believe, something will come true. If you don't sit back, of course :) But even without all this magic, the fat woman can look great in the house and please the eye with her juicy shiny leaves... In her homeland, in Africa, she blooms every year.

How to care for a fat woman? It's very simple. You need to know when to stop and not overdo it (but not completely abandon it) your flowerpot. In winter, she is shown a temperature of about +15 and rare watering... In the summer, the money tree tends to fresh air. Give him such an opportunity: take out an open veranda to the balcony. Feed the cactus fertilizer, which can be easily purchased at every flower shop.

The fat woman does not really like transplants. therefore do not disturb her more than once every three years. The warmth and sun on a summer day can push it to bloom. They say that if this plant feels great in your home, then everything will be in order with money too.

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