Scots pine and its cultivation

Scots pine and its cultivation

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Scotch pine is an evergreen tree, it can reach a height of 50 meters, the trunk is straight, with red-brown bark. The plant lives up to 400 years... You can propagate a tree by seeds or grafting.

Seeds laid out on the surface of a loose moist earth and sprinkled with peat for disinfection of fungal diseases. It is better to water with a solution of potassium permanganate, since the seeds are usually infected with late blight and shoots often die from it. Shoots will appear in 15-20 days. Seedlings must be kept in a sunny place, Scots pine, like all pines, very light-requiring. Just open air and a greenhouse will do. In dry weather, they need to be watered. They also need feeding. Buy special fertilizers for conifers. Be sure to weed, weeds can be taller than seedlings and shade them. Leave it for the winter, in the boxes. No need to cover.

In the spring you need seeds open... And so they will grow for another 4 years, the growth will become greater in the third year, the seedlings will already be about 60 cm high, but a plant is planted in a permanent place at least 5 years old in April. For the first two years, the plant can be fed with mineral fertilizers. After that, the plant will not need any feeding, no watering, or winter shelter. All that remains is to admire the beautiful pine trees and use their healing properties.

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