The Indian onion in the photo is a kind of plant hydra in nature

The Indian onion in the photo is a kind of plant hydra in nature

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Many plants surprise with their appearance so much that you immediately want to get one in your garden or in your home garden. If you see Indian onion in the photo, then this plant will definitely appear in your flower pots after some time, but on one condition, if you see an Indian onion in the photo during its flowering period, because the flowers are collected in unusual brushes with small fluffy flowers due to the many stamens of white-green color.

It is believed that the flowers of the Indian bow remember the pain they inflicted, and since this part of the plant is very often used for medical purposes for the preparation of traditional medicine, each time you pinch off a flower, it is imperative to ask the plant for forgiveness for the pain caused to it.

Indian onions are very useful for indoor cultivation. According to its energy it is a very strong flower that brings optimism, prosperity to the house, especially to that house. where there are children, disposes for career success and an energetic life position.

In care Indian onion is simple enough and the plant does not require any special requirements. It is enough just to plant it in the shade or partial shade without direct sunlight, water it regularly as the topsoil dries, fertilize it with liquid fertilizer once a month. That's all it takes for this plant. Well, if the bulb has grown in a pot, then it is advisable to transplant the plant into a more spacious pot. And then the Indian onion will pamper the hosts and their guests with their flowering even longer.