How to care for hibiscus

How to care for hibiscus

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Some plant names are familiar to almost everyone, but not everyone has a clear idea of ​​this plant. For instance, hibiscus... This unusual oriental name of the flower we very often dignify unfamiliar plants, without even visualizing how this flower actually looks. In reality, everything is much simpler - hibiscus is nothing more than a Chinese or Sudanese rose, which can be found in the halls or corridors of most public places. And this is not surprising, because the task "how to care for hibiscus? "there are no difficulties, which means that even simple cleaners can monitor the growth and maintenance of this unusual and huge indoor plant.

So how do you care for your hibiscus? First, for hibiscus it is necessary to allocate a lot of space, because over time it grows, and shine is simply necessary for its abundant flowering. Air temperature for hibiscus it is very important, or rather its constancy is important. Originally from tropical forests, hibiscus needs temperatures from + 15 to + 30 degrees, which will allow it to feel and develop comfortably. But a decrease or increase in temperature by at least 5 degrees can lead to the death of the plant.

To water hibiscus follows as the top layer of the earth dries up, but in the summer it really needs to provide abundant watering, but so that the water does not stagnate either in the pot or in the pan, otherwise the roots may rot.

Very important dust off hibiscus leaves, or even better, spray it regularly. Fertilize the plant just needs mineral fertilizers every 1.5-2 weeks during the period of active growth and flowering, namely in the warm season. Transplant a Chinese rose, preferably every year in a pot slightly larger than the previous one.

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