Fragrant dill - an addition to any dish

Fragrant dill - an addition to any dish

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With the arrival of spring, our body begins to intensively require vitamins and nutrients, which can be provided by fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as greens. But if the first harvest of even the earliest vegetables is still far away, then, for example, fragrant dill, can be safely grown in small pots right on the windowsill.

Spider dill is wonderful addition to any dish. Especially tasty and healthy are the first courses, to which the aromatic dill gives a special aroma and extremely beautiful appearance. Dill sprigs are boldly added to any salads, meat and fish dishes, and it is also a fresh decoration for any table. Dill is used for canning and pickling, for pickling.

Grow Dill fragrant as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to sow seeds in a pot or on a garden bed as soon as the earth warms up well and after a second week, you can safely pinch off the dill leaves to add to salads.

For this type of greenery, it is very important warmth and sunshineespecially in early spring. It is an annual plant, but dill seeds can be sown on their own. the next year from which new plants grow.

Dill has gained widespread popularity in folk medicine, in particular for the treatment of bowel diseases. very useful dill water for small children in the first months of life to get rid of colic and bloating. Dill is used as an antiseptic preparation to improve appetite, stimulate the mammary glands.

Dill can be dried or frozen for use in winter, when there is no greenery, and the body also requires the aroma of herbs and taste.

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