Enchanting lavender in the photo and in life

Enchanting lavender in the photo and in life

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It is unlikely that in the modern world there is a person who does not know how it smells. lavender... Often, the scent of lavender is also one of the components of complex compositions that are the basis of various perfumes.

However, lavender has gained such great popularity all over the world, not only for its enchanting scent, but also for its gorgeous appearance. It's enough just to see what it looks like lavender in the photo, in order to understand that this plant in many respects simply has no equal.

Lavender is a perennial plant covered with small purple flowers. Dense lavender stands create an incredibly rich and beautiful color. You can be convinced of this by looking at what the fields where lavender grows look like in the photo. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off this beautiful sight, and if you add to it the aroma that this plant exudes, then we will get just a perfect sight.

It is because of its beauty that lavender is often used in landscape design... So, for example, it is often used in the design of alpine slides. Lavender in the photo of various compositions created by landscape designers appears both in complex bouquets, combining plants of different types, and solo. Moreover, in all versions, it looks just fine.

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