Popular types of beans

Popular types of beans

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Beans, depending on their origin, are of several types:

  1. American;
  2. asian.

There are morphological differences between these types. American species have more red, white or purple flowers with a characteristic structure, as well as wide-cylindrical, rather large seeds and beans. The latter are often characterized by a multi-colored or white peel. All types, without exception, have the appearance curly plants with long shoots, or plants with stems that are upright, as well as low-growing plants with more or less organically growing shoots and often rapidly developing fruits.

So, the following are known types of beans.

Common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris). It belongs to one of the most important cultivated species in the economy. This type has many varieties. The latter are distinguished by the duration of development, the form of growth, the color of flowers, the time of ripening, color, structure, size, etc.

Moon beans (Phaseolus lunatus), which gets its name from the often twisted seeds. These beans have the appearance of an annual or perennial climbing or less often a bushy plant with flat fruits and small flowers containing a small number of seeds. The latter can be either white or have different colors. Their width ranges from one to three cm.

Multiflorous beans (Ph. Coccineus). In Europe, this plant is known as an ornamental plant, due to the presence of red shiny flowers, as well as bright large seeds. Young and tender beans of this kind are sometimes used as vegetables.

Tepari beans or holly (Ph. Acutijblius). This type has the smallest seeds (their length is about 8 mm), which are famous for such quality as drought resistance. The seeds are distinguished by the presence of a large amount of proteins, in contrast to the other types of beans listed above.

The most famous asian views - mung (Phaseolus radiatus) and urd (Ph. Mungo). The beans are dark, yellowish or green, less often spotted, angularly rounded, 4-5 mm long. Protein is contained in an amount of about 24%.

Also, the types of beans include the variety adzuki... The seeds of the latter are slightly larger than Urda and mung beans, and are distinguished by a wide variety of colors.

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