Your own master: do-it-yourself seedling rack

Your own master: do-it-yourself seedling rack

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To grow good-quality seedlings, you need to take care of all the nuances. We've all heard that a plant requires light, moderate watering, and mineral-rich soil.

Well, of course you need a place to place all the seedlings. The rack will help solve the issue of plant placement.

You can make an attribute yourself or buy a ready-made rack, saving yourself the trouble.


  • What is a shelving unit?
  • DIY shelving: is it possible?
  • Interesting ideas: shelving on the windowsill

What is a shelving unit?

With the approach of spring, a hot season begins for gardeners. A very important issue after preparing the soil for seedlings is its placement.

Perhaps few people will be touched by the picture of jars, glasses or boxes standing on the windowsills. A good solution for placing seedlings will be a rack.

Remember, if you like to place seedlings on windowsills, you may face a number of troubles, including:

  • uneven light incidence
  • sudden changes in temperature
  • seedling burnout
  • dirty windowsills
  • frozen seedlings

The seedling rack is a versatile attribute that consists of a series of shelves for storing plants. Modern models are equipped with special lighting that will provide the required level of light. The rack, in addition to its compactness, has a number of advantages:

  • it will perfectly fit into any interior
  • it allows you to use the maximum space
  • the rack creates favorable conditions for the normal growth and development of seedlings
  • modern racks have wheels for easy movement
  • long service life

The modern world of shelving is ready to offer consumers two types of shelves for seedlings: with and without illumination.

Naturally, the price will differ slightly. It is better to place a rack without lighting closer to the window; you can place a rack with lighting in any place convenient for you. Pay particular attention to the choice of lamps.

So, a seedling rack is an irreplaceable furniture attribute that allows you to store a large number of plants, while saving space.

Modern models are equipped with lighting and wheels that provide convenient movement and provide the seedlings with the right amount of light.

DIY shelving: is it possible?

In our time, anything is possible. Before you start making a rack, you need to decide on the material that you will use. In fact, the choice is great. It can be plastic, wood or iron.

In most cases, hard wood is used for shelving. They lend themselves well to work, and in practice they are very durable.

Experts recommend using plywood or glass as shelves. Discard iron structures. The fact is that most types of iron are corrosive, which means that the appearance of the rack can deteriorate.

What are the requirements for a seedling rack?

The rack must be strong and reliable. That is, to withstand heavy loads. Also, this attribute must be resistant to moisture. It is good to let in the sun's rays when it comes to an attribute without backlighting. And of course, to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

When the question concerns the number of shelves on the rack, the answer may be one: it all depends on the wishes of the person, and the possibilities of his premises.

The number of shelves can start from 3 and more. It should be noted that the shelf width should not exceed 70 centimeters, and the height should reach about 50-60 centimeters.

Before you start making a rack, you need to decide on the size, placement and materials that you will use.

Most gardeners prefer to purchase ready-made goods; modern shelving boasts additional functions and an interesting design.

Interesting ideas: shelving on the windowsill

Why not place a seedling rack directly on the windowsill? In my opinion, this is not only interesting, but also creative. For simplicity and convenience, you can take ready-made furniture boards and place them on the windowsill.

In order for the structure to hold well, it must be fixed. If you want to make a backlit plant rack, then at the top of the structure, you need to fix special lamps.

You say, why do you need to attach an additional light source to the rack? After all, the attribute is on the windowsill, on which rays of light fall every day.

The fact is that in winter, the plant especially lacks lighting. The process of photosynthesis takes place in a slowed down state, which means that the seedlings may not sprout.

In special stores you can buy lamps of all kinds of designs and capacities. Give preference to fluorescent lamps, they are ideal for growing seedlings.

Remember that seedlings require special care. There are three basic rules for indoor growing you shouldn't ignore:

  • moderate watering
  • good illumination
  • acceptable temperature

Having picked up the necessary material, calculating all the parameters and choosing the necessary lighting, you can make a rack for seedlings with your own hands.

The main advantage of such manufacturing is that you can independently develop the design of the attribute, as well as choose the most profitable material.

The rack can be placed in any place convenient for you. The attribute looks good on a windowsill, a glazed balcony and in the kitchen.

And yet: ready or a self-made seedling rack? Most consumers prefer the first option.

The finished rack has a more reliable design, and additional elements provide more comfortable use.

Naturally, the choice is yours. If you feel that you can make a shelving unit, then why not try to create something useful? Happy experiments.

An example of a seedling rack on video:

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