What do we know about a plant like white creeping clover?

What do we know about a plant like white creeping clover?

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According to its biological characteristics, white creeping clover differs significantly from other existing subspecies. Under normal conditions, which are conducive to rooting of the stems, clover lasts much longer.

The root system expands thanks to the animals that trample the plant while walking. Torn off stems do not die in conditions of sufficient humidity, but continue the growing season due to the possibility of the development of the root system from stem nodes.


  • Benefits for other plants and growing clover
  • Application in medicine
  • Plant appearance
  • White clover in agriculture

Benefits for other plants and growing clover

A mixture of white creeping clover with cereals contributes to the oppression of the plant. If the grass stand is grazed in a timely manner when used in a pasture mode, the amount of cultivated crop in the grass mixture increases. The nutritional value of the plant will increase if white creeping clover is included in the mixture with timothy and ryegrass. The content of herbs in calcium, crude protein, phosphorus, fat increases, and the amount of fiber is significantly reduced.

Creeping white clover supplies nitrogen to cereal crops. This helps to increase the yield of meadow grasses. Various research institutions recommend using creeping white clover instead of nitrogen-fortified fertilizers. White creeping clover is not picky about soils. The conditions of the central and northern regions of the Non-Chernozem zone are normal for this plant.

This type of crop blooms at the end of April and, depending on the variety, in June. Some subspecies can flower towards the end of May. For a plant, the optimal conditions are drained bogs, floodplain and field lands, well-drained, sufficiently moist, humus-saturated lands. For creeping white clover, a groundwater level of 85-90 cm is considered normal.

Lawn clover

For landscaping and landscaping lawn lawns in personal plots, white creeping clover is used everywhere. This type of crop is very easy to maintain and is not particularly whimsical, due to its short stature. Clover is now so popular that not only the sowing technique is used for its development, but also the technology of bale stacking. Many people express a desire to plant green creeping white clover in their garden.

Application in medicine

Many subspecies of white creeping clover contain cyanogenic glucose and some hydrocyanic acid. Scientists have determined that cyanogenic glucose is not harmful to animal organisms. The danger is represented by various hydrolysis products, including hydrocyanic acid.

To prevent the effects of these elements on the human body, it is recommended that after the dew has melted, it is recommended to treat herbage with herbal fat and paraffin. This procedure should be carried out 3 days before grazing begins. In its pure form, creeping white clover always causes tympanitis in animals.

Medicines, in the manufacture of which white creeping clover is used, are endowed with antitoxic properties, promote wound healing, have anesthetic effect, and tone up. Tinctures are often recommended by doctors for tuberculosis, for the treatment of various infections that occur in the oral cavity, in the treatment of poisoning, to reduce pain in gout, as well as in inflammation of the adenoids.

For the prevention of atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids, lowering cholesterol levels, special preparations are used, made on the basis of white creeping clover. Decoctions are also prepared to relieve soreness during menstruation.

Plant appearance

Bushes of creeping white clover spread low on the soil and take root in special nodes in the stems, from which petals extend upward on elongated (from 4 to 60 cm) petioles and light rounded heads on pedicels. The main stem of this plant is very short and almost invisible. All petals vary in shape and size, but have a triple structure and a distinct pattern in places.

Leaves without patterns often develop brown stripes. The inflorescence of creeping white clover is characterized by a rounded shape. This part of the plant is held by a thick, oblong peduncle with small pedicels. The heads usually contain from 30 to 120 flowers, which are always bent during flowering. The cost of growing white creeping clover is not very high.

Compared to other varieties, this type of crop allows for significant cost savings.

Remarkable seed germination and a fairly high germination capacity are one of the main advantages of using a short creeping white clover. The initial stages of development are very slow, so the plant will bloom only after a year. It is recommended to slightly mow down the white clover after flowering so that its decorative effect is not lost. This type of crop is ideal for landscaping backyard lawns.

Root system

The relatively shallow root is rod-shaped and highly branched. Additional shoots form at the nodes of the stems lying on the ground and can develop independently. In this way, the existence of the plant is maintained when the main root dies off.

The main number of roots lies higher - at a depth of 40-50 cm, but some can spread up to 1 m, which contributes to the possibility of the development of creeping white clover on soils with groundwater located at a level of 40-90 cm.

White clover in agriculture

In the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation, the possibility of growing white clover is highly valued. The plant is often used to make honey. White creeping clover is literally indispensable in the production of animal feed. But this kind of plant is not given to cattle in its pure form, but is used as food additives.
White Creeping Clover can be used:

  • In medicine
  • As pain relievers
  • Promotes blood clotting
  • Has a disinfecting effect
  • You can make honey from a plant
  • As an enhancer in cattle feed
  • For landscaping lawns

Creeping white clover juice is recommended for external use. Porridge, crumpled from a plant, is endowed with wound healing properties and promotes blood clotting. In some cases, creeping white clover is used to stop inflammation in the ears and eyes. A decoction of the inflorescence helps to improve appetite. The chemical composition of creeping white clover includes substances useful for the human body.

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