Cherry plum in the photo - a useful application

Cherry plum in the photo - a useful application

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Cherry plum is called home plum, but due to its adaptive ability, cherry plum can be found anywhere, mainly in warm regions.

In recent years, due to its high yield, cherry plum is widely used in horticulture. By crossing it with the "Russian plum", a frost-resistant hybrid was obtained. Cherry plum in the photo - has good medicinal and taste properties.

Cherry plum varieties:

  • typical - small fruits of a wild tree;
  • eastern - cherry plum of eastern countries;
  • large-fruited - large cherry plum, bred by gardeners.

The use and useful properties of cherry plum

  1. Taste qualities allow you to use cherry plum in any form. Jam, jams, juices, syrups, compotes, dried fruits - this is not a complete list of what can be made from it.
  2. The cherry plum fruit seed contains up to 50 percent of the oil, which is useful in composition. Which allows it to be used in the cosmetic industry.
  3. They use it for heartburn, intestinal and gastric diseases.
  4. For therapeutic purposes, it is used for sore throat and as a cough suppressant.
  5. Cherry plum broths are drunk with constipation. They are also good for raising your appetite.
  6. Cherry plum juice has healing properties.
  7. Fruits normalize blood pressure.

Cherry plum in the photo - has a lot of useful properties, and it is desirable to use it in food for people of different ages. And by freezing cherry plum, you will have a supply of essential vitamins throughout the winter.

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