Rowan nevezhinskaya: varieties, planting, cultivation and use

Rowan nevezhinskaya: varieties, planting, cultivation and use

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Informational article about nevezhinskaya mountain ash, its differences from common mountain ash. Description of the plant, varieties, planting and care. It is associated with the history and world popularity of Smirnov's vodkas and tinctures.


  • Historical information about how nevezhinskaya mountain ash became nezhinskaya, description of the plant, variety
  • How to plant and grow Nevezhinskaya mountain ash on the site
  • Rowan application

Historical information about how nevezhinskaya mountain ash became nezhinskaya, description of the plant, variety

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the former serf Pyotr Smirnov, having received his freedom, arrived in Moscow with his father and brother from the Yaroslavl province. It happened in 1858. And already in 1860 he opened his first establishment, where he successfully traded in wine. Three years later, the former serf becomes a merchant of the third guild and opens a vodka distillery. Things are going so successfully that Smirnovskaya vodka becomes the winner of international exhibitions and receives world recognition by 1876.

In 1889 at the World Exhibition a gold medal was given to a drink released under the name "Nezhinskaya Rowan" The product impressed the judges not only with a very nice bottle with an elongated neck and a base in the form of a pleated skirt, but also with an extraordinary taste. There was absolutely no bitterness and astringency in the mountain ash drink.

Competitors added ordinary sugar to mountain ash, but could not get the desired taste. And the secret was that from childhood Peter Smirnov was familiar with a very sweet and large mountain ash from the village. Nevezhin, which was in the Vladimir province. Where half a ton of delicious berries was collected for the Smirnovsky plant. Initially, the drink was planned to be called "Nevezhinskaya Ryabina".

But so that competitors would not guess where the raw materials for the next masterpiece of P. Smirnov were collected, the drink was named "Nezhinskaya Rowan", and a whole box of high-quality drink was presented to the King of Spain. Indeed, at first glance, nevezhinskaya mountain ash does not differ from ordinary mountain ash. In fact, the plant is a kind of common mountain ash, and it got its name from the place of growth.

It is a deciduous tree with openwork, pinnate foliage, dense white inflorescence shields. However, the fruits of Nevezhinskaya mountain ash are large, and by the time they ripen, they do not have a bitter taste. Currently, the following varieties of Nevezhinskaya mountain ash have been bred and successfully grown:

  1. Kubovaya or Nevezhinskaya kubovaya with elongated orange-red fruits, juicy and very sweet fruits, ripen by September 15th.
  2. Yellow - its characteristics are similar to Kubova, but the color of the berries is yellow-orange.
  3. Red - the fruits are larger and sweeter than those of the previous variety, the color of the fruits is scarlet.

It remains to find out how to grow sweet and tasty mountain ash Nevezhinsky in the garden.

How to plant and grow mountain ash nevezhinskaya on the site

Planting material

To plant rowan nevezhinskaya in the garden, planting material is needed. Here you can either buy a ready-made seedling from a trusted manufacturer, or you need to already have an adult tree and get layering from it. For this, a branch is bent in the fall or spring. Then it is pinned to the soil, buried in earth. A year later, they separate the bush from the mother plant and grow it for another year in the same place. Then the plant is dug up and transplanted to a new place.

Important! To get a good harvest, it is advisable to plant two varieties of Nevezhinskaya mountain ash. In extreme cases, you can plant rowan as a pollinator. For reproduction, you can try to root cuttings, but you should not propagate these plants with seeds, new plants may not inherit the qualities of the mother tree.

Planting and leaving

Video about the benefits of mountain ash:

A place well lit by the sun with fertile loamy soil is suitable for Nevezhin mountain ash. Do not plant it on acidic, clayey, swampy and sandy soils. The planting hole is dug depending on the size of the seedling and its roots. Usually 60 cm is enough by 60 cm or a little more.

At the bottom of the pit, garden soil mixed with humus is poured. Place the seedling at the bottom of the pit, cover the roots with soil. They compact the earth around the stem, water and mulch. In the future, the young bush needs to be watered regularly, and the soil should be loosened and mulched. In the following years, the plant needs additional feeding.

They can be carried out with diluted slurry. In the spring and fall, thinning and sanitary pruning is needed.

In all other respects, rowan nevezhinskaya is an unpretentious plant, with high frost resistance. She can be a long-liver in the garden. The disadvantage of nevezhin mountain ash is that birds are very fond of their fruits. Perhaps, in order to preserve the harvest, for the ripening period, you will need to drive away the birds manually or use a special device - a repeller.

Rowan application

Growing nevezhinskaya mountain ash on the site, do not forget about its useful and medicinal properties. First of all, mountain ash is a source of vitamin C. Moreover, there is a little more of it in mountain ash leaves than in fruits. They also contain carotenoids, organic acids. Organic food colors are obtained from rowan berries.

Decoctions and tea made from dried rowan berries are excellent vitamin drinks. They are recommended for vitamin C deficiency and scurvy. In terms of provitamin A content, rowan fruits are richer than green onions and are equivalent to rose hips. By the amount of iron, apples are three times higher. You can drink juice or decoctions from rowan fruits when:

  • high blood pressure
  • dysentery
  • diabetes
  • metabolic disorders

A good result can be obtained by using a decoction of berries to relieve swelling and stop bleeding. In cooking, the fruits of Nevezhinskaya mountain ash are used to obtain marshmallows, jam, pie fillings.

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