Growing strawberries using Dutch technology

Growing strawberries using Dutch technology

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One of the most favorite treats for people of all ages is, of course, strawberries. According to archaeological excavations, this berry has been known since the Neolithic times, and grew in European forests.


  • Origin and methods of its cultivation
  • Details of the Dutch cultivation method
  • Fast growing tricks

Origin and methods of its cultivation

We can conclude that people fell in love with her since the beginning of the era of antiquity. In confirmation of this fact, written sources of the Egyptians and Greeks can be cited. Very quickly and confidently, strawberries began to gain popularity throughout Europe.

If you also love this berry so much, what prevents you from growing it yourself? This does not require any special skills and a lot of time if you follow the Dutch technology. A few basic secrets will help you with this.

So, it's worth starting by placing the strawberries in a well-covered ground, while wrapping them in a plastic bag.

You can be sure that it is possible to harvest more than 8 kg from one similar package. All berries for a feast for the eyes will be large, tasty and juicy. And this is after planting only about 25 bushes.

What is a plastic bag? This is an ordinary narrow bag with a diameter of about 15 cm. The size is small and this is what makes it possible to place such bags in several tiers. Thanks to this, it is possible to grow such strawberries using Dutch technology even in the smallest premises, such as basements and garages.

Details of the Dutch cultivation method

This method allows you to grow strawberries of not any variety with such success. Only high-yielding special varieties will allow you to get a lot of berries from one bush. Having built a special greenhouse with your own hands, you can get a wonderful harvest every one or two months.

Growing strawberries indoors is about the biological characteristics of the plant. Like any other plant, a bush of such a berry lies in hibernation for the winter. So our task is to "wake up", as it were, and for this it is worth making the necessary efforts to create the right conditions conducive to its growth, reproduction and fruiting.

The technology, invented by the Dutch, makes it possible to grow strawberries also indoors. To do this, you can use the balcony and then fresh and tasty berries will be present on your table. In case you want to grow such an exotic fruit for sale, then you can think about a small greenhouse.

In addition to the method of growing in plastic bags, there is also planting in boxes.

Of course, they will take up a little more space, but the result is worth it. As for the bags, you don't have to buy them. You can sew these special bags yourself. To do this, you need to make small holes into which the seedlings will be planted directly. It all depends on the size of the bag itself, but usually up to about 20 bushes are planted. To promote a fertile growing process, a special nutrient solution must be regularly fed into each bag, which is introduced through special droppers in the form of tubes.

Fast growing tricks

By supporting the plants according to a certain scheme, after a short time, flowers will appear on each plant, and after the berries. Strawberry varieties must be self-pollinating, otherwise you will only get flowers, not berries. Having collected the first rich harvest, in two months you can expect the next, which, unlike the previous one, is always much smaller.

Wanting to get a rich harvest by winter, have time to plant the plant not in autumn, but for example, in August, in open ground. Then, during the autumn period, the seedling will be able to take root and begin to bloom as soon as possible.

It is worth remembering another important trick. To grow strawberries according to the Dutch scheme, choose a special sterile soil that is free of any weeds. In no case should you add ordinary land from the garden. Peat or sand should be steamed to exclude the presence of microbes.

The room temperature should be regularly maintained within room temperature. Fluorescent bulbs can also be used to provide adequate lighting. In a small room, two ordinary bulbs will suffice. Such lamps must be turned on until 12 hours a day, and the rest of the time they must be turned off. In this way, you ensure the alternation of day and night.

With regards to watering, strawberries require moisture every day, and drying out of the soil should in no case be allowed. About once a week, the plant needs to be abundantly fed with mineral fertilizer. Do not use organic fertilizers.

The soil pH is monitored regularly to keep it neutral. If possible, once every six months, the soil can be handed over to the laboratory in order to carefully check its chemical composition. The mother plants need to be replaced every two years.

By applying all of the above recommendations, you will be able to grow a rich harvest not only for your family, but also for sale. And given the prices for this berry, especially in winter, this idea will help you get a good home business.

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