Growing eggplants in a greenhouse: rules and recommendations

Growing eggplants in a greenhouse: rules and recommendations

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It is unlikely that there is at least one gardener who has never tried to grow a crop in a greenhouse. And recently, the cultivation of eggplants in a greenhouse has gained immense popularity.

Growing eggplants in a greenhouse is a relatively simple process, but it has its own subtleties and features, the observance of which will ensure a rich harvest. So, eggplants require a sufficient amount of space for normal development, so a maximum of two seeds should be sown in one pot. Moreover, if both of them sprout, the weaker sprout must be removed. However, you can save yourself from the difficulties associated with germinating seeds, and simply purchase special cassettes with seedlings.

When planting seedlings, which, depending on the temperature, is carried out in mid-late spring, it is necessary to ensure that at least 60 centimeters of free space remains between the two plants. Eggplant bushes can reach almost a meter in height, so their main stem must be tied to a support.

You can start harvesting eggplants as soon as the fruits reach 8-10 centimeters in length, and their rind becomes shiny. Do not wait until they "fill up", as overripe eggplants are quite bitter and are literally overflowing with many seeds.

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