Onions for herbs at home - on sawdust, in soil, water and from seeds, business features

Onions for herbs at home - on sawdust, in soil, water and from seeds, business features

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Green onions add spice and flavor to many dishes. I especially want greenery in the winter, when there are not enough vitamins, and there is no opportunity to grow on the street.

This problem can be easily solved; you can plant onions on greens at home. There are different methods, now let's look at each of them.


  • How to grow onions for herbs at home in winter
  • How to grow onions on a feather on a windowsill in the ground
  • How to grow green onions at home without land, in water
  • How to grow green onions in sawdust at home
  • How to grow green onions from seeds at home
  • Growing onions on a feather as a business idea

How to grow onions for herbs at home in winter

In order to grow onions on a windowsill or balcony during the winter months, you do not need special skills. It is important that you have good onions or seeds, and the owner has enough patience.

There are several methods of growing this way:

  • in the ground;
  • in sawdust;
  • from seeds;
  • in water, or by hydroponic method.

Important requirements that must be met with any method:

  • Use a healthy bulb. It should be dense, free of rot and other defects, and round.
  • A formed root cup should be present, preferably long.
  • Ideally, using a sprouted, dense bulb will speed up the growing process.
  • The skin or scales are taken only shiny, therefore, if necessary, you need to remove the dark part.
  • Soak the onion before planting, this procedure is not required in the case of planting on water.

It's simple, the main thing is to act according to the scheme and not rush things.

How to grow onions on a feather on a windowsill in the ground

To grow onions in the ground you will need:

  • The soil. In winter, good soil can be purchased only in a store; it is better to take land intended for a cactus or universal.
  • Healthy, old onions (preferably onions) that have sprouted green. Some people use seedlings for planting, this option is possible, but you will have to wait a long time for green shoots, and is used only once.

If you decide to grow leeks, then it is important to leave it in water for a week so that sprouts appear, and then plant it in the prepared soil.

Special container: boxes, flowerpots, container.

Proceed as follows:

  • Remove the top scales from the cooked onions.
  • Cut off the top by one and a half centimeters, but if there are sprouts, this procedure should not be done.
  • Soak the root section in water. It is important to use warm water, the procedure lasts several hours.
  • It is necessary to fill up the soil in the prepared container, the depth is from 4 to 7 centimeters.
  • We plant the prepared material at a distance of 2 cm from each other, without deepening. The main thing is that the roots are in contact with the ground.
  • The earth is flooded with water. For irrigation, you need to use settled and heated water. Pour the soil lightly, carefully so that the bulbs themselves do not get wet.
  • You do not need to put the container on the windowsill right away. For germination, it is better to place the container in a cool and dark place for a couple of days. If sprouted onions are used, then they can be placed directly on the windowsill.
  • After 14 days, it will begin to germinate, sprouts up to fifteen centimeters in height will appear. Now the onion is watered every four days.

You can only cut feathers to the middle so that more crops can be harvested.

By following these recommendations, you can eat green onions throughout the winter.

For more details on how to grow onions for greens at home, see the video:

How to grow green onions at home without land, in water

The instruction is as follows:

  • To begin with, the preparation of the material is carried out. It is necessary to choose onion heads of the same diameter, about two centimeters.
  • For a day, the onion lies in warm water and is placed on a radiator or other place where there is warmth.
  • Get rid of dark husks, thanks to this, it will be possible to detect damaged areas.
  • Cut off the top.
  • Prepare a shallow pallet and set the heads vertically, with the spines down.
  • Pour some water into the container so that it covers the onions by a quarter.
  • Add water periodically as it decreases.

Onions do not need fertilizers, since the feather takes all the necessary substances from the onion. If there is a desire to accelerate the growth process, a couple of tablets of activated carbon or a solution of wood ash can be immersed in the water, the proportion is ten liters and fifty grams of ash.

After 2 weeks, new feathers will appear, which can be used fresh, cut into salads or used as herbs to decorate hot dishes.

How to grow green onions in sawdust at home

This option is no less effective and is often used by housewives.

Operating principle:

  • It is necessary to prepare sawdust. To do this, they are poured with boiling water, left until the water reaches room temperature. The water is drained, and the sawdust is smoothed into the planting container.
  • Saltpeter is being prepared. Five grams of the substance dissolves in a liter of water. Pour this liquid over the sawdust to saturate them with nitrogen. Also, saltpeter prevents sawdust from absorbing nutrients from onion heads.
  • Some add wood ash, this prevents the development of rot.
  • Planting material is planted tightly to each other, deepening the bulbs by half.
  • The space remaining between the onions is covered with sawdust.
  • We put a flowerpot or container on the windowsill on the sunny side of the house. It is important that there are no drafts.

After planting, the first watering is carried out after 7 days. Then sawdust is watered once a week, and at high humidity every 10 days.

How to grow green onions from seeds at home

The next option is to plant onions with seeds.

First you need to prepare the seeds. They need to be dipped in a solution with water and potassium permanganate. Then plant it in the soil to a depth of 2 cm. Vermicompost and coconut fiber should be used as soil, keeping the proportion of one to two.

It is imperative to drain the container.

Cover the container with the seeds with plastic wrap. The seed is opened only after the first shoots appear.

In the room where the seeds germinate, the temperature should be at least 18 degrees. In the future, the temperature regime should be at least 12 degrees.

Be patient. The first feather grows slowly. However, in 60 days there will be a good, bountiful harvest. Fresh greens will last for a long time.

Growing onions on a feather as a business idea

It's a good idea to start growing onions for your own business. This type of entrepreneurship is not only cost-effective but also simple. Onions do not require a special climate, care and high economic costs.

If you decide to go into business, you need to think about the scale. Here you cannot do with several beds, and even more so with a balcony. It is necessary to make a greenhouse complex, in the summer you can allocate a large area in the open field. For the greenhouse, you need to buy all the necessary materials.

The selection of varieties plays an important role. Not all types of onions are productive and yield good yields in greenhouses. It is important to consider this when buying seeds.

Think over the sales organization. Sell ​​onions yourself or negotiate with retailers in stores or on the market.

If you have no agricultural experience, don't build large greenhouses right away and plant a lot of seed. First, sow a small area, master all the nuances of technology and find regular customers. After that, you can confidently expand your business.

So, even a child can grow onions at home. The main thing is to choose a healthy bulb and not forget about watering.

Constant greenery on the table will delight households and remind of summer in the cold season.

Let's watch the video and find out another original method of growing onions on a feather:

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