Planting pepper seedlings in open ground

Planting pepper seedlings in open ground

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Spring is a very troublesome period for gardeners, because the entire harvest of a particular crop depends on the correct sowing and planting of seedlings. And if there are practically no problems with ordinary plants that grow well in different latitudes, then planting seedlings of heat-loving plants requires increased attention and knowledge.

For example, planting pepper seedlings. Pepper seeds sown on window sills and in small greenhouses germinate rather quickly and already a small plant with 4 full-fledged leaves can be safely planted in open soil. It is better to plant the peppers later than before. Only it is unlikely that a stressful transplant from a small pot into open ground will promote the development and give a high fertility of the plant. In order for a plant to become strong and strong when growing independently, it must be hardened before planting and prepared for changes in growth and habitat.

For this, the pepper must be hardened 10-15 days before planting pepper seedlings in the ground. This is done as follows: gradually the temperature in the room where the seedlings grew. at first it does this only during the daytime, then at night. The temperature should be gradually reduced to 17-18 degrees, the seedlings can be taken out to the balcony or loggia so that it is tempered in the fresh air. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce watering of seedlings and increase the illumination of small plants.

7 days before planting pepper seedlings, it must be sprayed with copper sulfate or a solution of Bordeaux liquid, which will protect the plants from fungal diseases. A day or two before planting the plants in open ground, they are well watered so that the plants can easily be pulled out of the growing container with a clod of earth.

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