Summer Sun Taste - Tomato Bull Heart

Summer Sun Taste - Tomato Bull Heart

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Choosing a variety of tomatoes for a summer cottage is a serious matter. But it is necessary to clearly understand that each variety must be provided with appropriate conditions.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses are considered to be vigorous, indeterminate varieties (plants with constant growth). And although greenhouse tomatoes require more painstaking care, they justify it due to their excellent yield, a long fruiting period and excellent fruit shape. With good care, about 50 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from 1 m² of greenhouse.

In glazed greenhouses of considerable height (at least 2 m), the bull's heart tomato feels great. This old amateur variety has been in demand for many years. Fruits of this variety can grow up to a kilogram in weight. On the lower inflorescences, the largest fruits are formed with a flat-round shape, and on the high clusters, smaller cone-shaped (heart) or oval-shaped tomatoes are formed, weighing 100-200 g. At the same time, the sweet fragrant pulp has practically no seeds.

It is recommended to plant 2-3 plants per meter. The bush must be formed into one stem using the pinching technique. Such tall plants are placed in the highest part of the greenhouse, and to save space, medium-sized hybrids can be placed at the edges. In such a greenhouse, multi-colored bull's heart tomatoes can be successfully grown. There are red, pink and gold variations of this variety.

Growing tomatoes on the ground

However, diligent gardeners living in southern latitudes can achieve similar results in the open field. At the same time, the ground fruits "will be saturated with the sun" and will acquire an incomparable taste.

An early harvest of these tomatoes can be ensured by planting seedlings on which flowers have opened on the second inflorescence. Tall tomatoes within a couple of days after planting must be tied over 2 leaves, forming a bush into one stem. In this case, the lower leaves are removed.

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