Growing cucumbers efficiently in a barrel is practical and fun

Growing cucumbers efficiently in a barrel is practical and fun

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Many people have heard that growing cucumbers in barrels gives excellent results. Therefore, their own "apartment" is a big plus for them.

We grow cucumbers in a barrel on our own

Theoretically, there is nothing complicated about it. Let's list some of the nuances:

  • A frame needs to be adapted to the barrel - that is, some convenient structure so that the cucumbers can wrap their antennae around it;
  • You can plant 6-8 plants on a barrel;
  • Barrels on the site should be placed in early spring - almost as soon as the snow melts4
  • Before planting, they are filled with various food-type waste, as well as weeds and grass;
  • We take into account that all this good has a tendency to settle, so the barrels will have to be replenished regularly;
  • After disembarking, cover the barrel with a non-woven fabric.

Proper cultivation of cucumbers in a barrel - recommendations

This is a list of basic guidelines. If everything went right, the cucumbers gradually grow over the edges of the barrel. Also, outside the edges, flowers bloom and the vegetables themselves grow. Since the earth is still necessary, it is recommended to pour it over each layer. Rotten type manure is also suitable. As a result, several barrels will replace a full-fledged garden bed, which usually successfully occupies about half of the garden.

It is recommended to place only veggie foods in the barrel. No cooked food or any products that rot with difficulty. This is how cucumbers grow in a barrel in practice.

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