Potato shoots

Potato shoots

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It is not uncommon for vegetables such as onions and potatoes to sprout during prolonged, and often not very correct, storage. Various factors can contribute to this, for example, the approaching time of planting a plant or the onset of a favorable thermal regime.

Potato shoots do not begin to appear if the vegetable is stored at an air temperature not exceeding 2 ° C. Those shoots that have already appeared should be broken off regularly, otherwise the vegetable will become lethargic and soft, which means it is not suitable for further consumption.

In case you are going to plant potatoes in a summer cottage or garden, the vegetable, on the contrary, needs to be germinated. Potato shoots are very important when sowing seed tubers. To obtain them, potato tubers are distributed in special wooden boxes, in which good ventilation is provided. The boxes are stored for 60 days in a well-lit room at an air temperature above 4 ° C. It is noteworthy that in order to harvest an early harvest of potatoes, the tubers must have a minimum number of shoots.

Often, in poor light, sprouted potatoes have long and thin shoots. Such planting material does not tolerate transportation well - not strong sprouts simply break off. To get strong and short shoots, during the last 15 days before planting in open ground, the tubers should be taken out to an open area.

You can plant sprouted potatoes when the weather conditions are favorable. Depending on the region, this period can vary from mid-April to mid-May.

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