Cayenne pepper on site

Cayenne pepper on site

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For a long time, a plant like Cayenne pepper, was considered exclusively exotic, and came to us already in finished form. But, now, many skilled gardeners grow hot peppers in their homes.

Cayenne Pepper Care similar to growing tomatoes or bell peppers. Cayenne pepper needs enough light, so it's best to keep it close to the window.

When the pepper seedlings grow up to the appearance of two true leaves, they can be picked by picking them up in separate pots. Cayenne peppers with a height of 10 - 15 cm can already be transplanted to a permanent place in the greenhouse. Or, as an option: grow peppers in large pots, which, if necessary, can be hidden in a room or shelter. It is important to ensure that the night temperature does not drop below 10 - 12 degrees. But, nevertheless, red hot pepper, feels better in the greenhouse... It produces larger and more juicy fruits.

Also, for the development of this culture, high air humidity is very important; it is easier to achieve such conditions in a greenhouse. Peppers need to be watered regularly, in hot weather, every day, morning or evening.
Cayenne pepper is not whimsical to dressing, it is enough to add humus and ash to the site in the fall.

Eat hot peppers you can even eat young and green, fully mature and at the end of the season, a little dried up. At every stage of maturity, cayenne pepper has an irresistible taste.

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