Caring for garden strawberries is easy!

 Caring for garden strawberries is easy!

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If you ask the question: "Do you like strawberries?" They will answer you: "Yes, I just adore her!" Probably, only the person who has an allergy or some other disease will refuse such a tasty and healthy berry. But the rest, with pleasure, will eat garden strawberries! But first you need to grow this berry, while you need to know what kind of care a garden strawberry needs!

How to care for garden strawberries:

  • Garden strawberry care begins in early spring. When the soil dries up, you need to remove old leaves, whiskers and other debris. This work is best done with a rake or a tough broom.
  • This plant residues must be collected and destroyed, as they may contain overwintering pests.
  • After that, you need to fertilize with ammonium nitrate.When carrying out this procedure, you need to beware of excessive application of nitrogen fertilizers, this can lead to damage to the crop.
  • After the work done earlier, the next stage is clearing strawberry plantations from weeds, regularly loosening row spacings, watering, removing whiskers and protecting against pests and diseases.
  • Before flowering strawberries, in order to avoid contamination of berries, pour fresh sawdust under the bushes with a layer of 3-5 cm.
  • During the summer, you need to carefully remove the mustache, neglect of this procedure can lead to a decrease in the yield.
  • After picking berries, you need to continue caring for the plantation. In a half dose, you need to apply phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Dig up the soil in the aisles, and loosen even finer near the plants.

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